Meet the Staff

Parish Office

410-661-4888 • Fax: 410-882-1484 •
Fr. Brian Nolan
Daniel Andrades
Pastoral Year Seminarian
Rick Balog
Parish Manager
Paul Binko
Coordinator of Liturgical Music
Mandy Wingate
Faith Formation
Jon Gerstmyer
Evangelization, Faith, and Catechesis
Becky Drinks
Faith, Engagement, Fellowship, and Worship
JoAnn Gier
Parish Office Coordinator
Janet Wheat
Parish Administrative Assistant
Ross Cooke
Facilities Maintenance
Carroll Browne
Facilities Maintenance
Mary K. Binder
Chris Montcalmo
Reign Down Director
Ashley Powers
Enlightened: Youth Band Director
On Thursday, January 20, BCPS has closed due to inclement weather.
The parish office will open at 10:00 am and Daily Mass has been canceled.