Children’s Choir

Choir unites hearts and voices in teamwork, musical prayer, liturgical service, and fun. Develop your child’s singing voice and encourage active participation in church.

This program allows us to invite children to participate at an earlier age and gives them an opportunity to continue through middle school. The children sing at various parish liturgies. Extra activities may include nursing home performances, playing instruments, and fun ecumenical choir activities. Everyone enjoys a thank-you pizza party.

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rLee Adams:

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By submitting this form I give permission for the above named child to participate in SIJ Choristers. I understand that this involves a weekly rehearsal on Wednesday from 5:30 – 6:30 PM in the Cronin Center, Rm#1 regularly, or the Church as scheduled. I agree to come into the to pick up my Chorister unless I have notified rLee by email or text ( or 443-442-4006) that another relative or friend will bring them home. If an emergency or illness makes the child’s absence unavoidable, I will notify rLee as soon as possible.