Volunteer Opportunities

All Catechists and Assistants are volunteers….

  • who have the time and ability to prepare and present sessions; communicate with children and adolescents, and develop a rapport with them.
  • who are ordinary people, busy with families and jobs (most are not professional teachers).
  • whose ordinary qualities are transformed into extraordinary ones through their openness to the power of the Holy Spirit in their lives and ministry.

Catechists are encouraged to patricipate in catechist formation sessions, offered in a combination of classroom and on-line sessions. They usually give two hours per week to preparing and presenting a session. Materials and supportive assistance are provided by the parish.

Opportunities to assist in our Faith Formation program:

  1. Catechist: a fully initiated, practicing Catholic, age 18 or older, who is the primary leader for a group of children or youth in weekly Faith Formation sessions.
  2. Assistant: a youth or adult who regularly assists the catechist in fulfilling their role.
  3. Office Assistant: an adult who answers the phone, records attendance and assists with other office duties as needed.

If your talents include music (singing or playing an instrument), drama, art, crafts, story-telling, etc. you could also assist in a variety of ways at specific times during the year.

Adult Choir Paul Binko PBinko@sij.org 410-661-4888 ext. 1007
Altar Assistant Dan Hoehler dhoehler@loyolablakefield.org
Baptism Prep JoAnn Gier jgier@sij.org 410-256-1238
Boy Scouts Mike Huneke huneke6@zoominternet.net 410-665-2561
Cantor Mary Kay Binder mkay57@hotmail.com 410-661-4888
Children’s Choir Paul Binko PBinko@sij.org 410-661-4888 ext. 1007
Children’s Liturgy of the Word Jessica Schlee Jschlee@sij.org 410-665-2561 ext. 1011
Confirmation Catechist Jon Gerstmyer jgerstmyer@sij.org 410-668-3686 ext. 1006
Cub Scouts Jason Drake jasonrobertdrake@gmail.com
Eucharistic Minister Robin Norcross robinnorcross28@gmail.com 410-665-6673
Enlightened (Youth) Band Ashley Powers apowers@sij.org 410-661-4888
Faith Formation
Catechist/Assistant/Substitute/Office Assistant
Jessica Schlee Jschlee@sij.org 410-661-4888
Small Groups Jessica Schlee Jschlee@sij.org 410-661-4888
Finance Committee Terri Wilson 410-661-4888
Handbell Choir Paul Binko PBinko@sij.org 410-661-4888 ext. 1007
Haiti Committee Sean Hackett sfhackett@juno.com 410-668-8309
Lector Tanya Lurz concordproperty@comcast.net 410-668-3686
Money Counter Tony Sochurek donna-tony@comcast.net 410-661-2912
Outreach Driver Janice Bures Janice_Bures@ca4.uscourts.gov 410-661-4888
Parents’ Day Out Debby Metzger deborah.metzger@comcast.net 410-661-4888
Pastor’s Council Rick Balog rbalog@sij.org 410-661-4888 ext. 1003
RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation) Jon Gerstmyer jgerstmyer@sij.org 410-665-2561 ext. 1011
Reign Down (contemporary) Band Chris Montcalmo chris.montcalmo@gmail.com 410-661-4888
St. Vincent de Paul Food Pantry Debby Metzger deborah.metzger@comcast.net 410-661-4888
Ushers Terry Strobel sijushers@gmail.com 443-905-4353
Vacation Bible School Volunteers Jane O’Hara PBinko@sij.org 410-665-2561 ext. 1011
Youth Ministry Peer Minister Jon Gerstmyer jgerstmyer@sij.org 410-668-3686 ext. 1006
Liturgy Committee Mary Ellen Zimmerman mzimme5822@gmail.com 410-668-2563