Small Groups

During the pandemic, we began to offer small groups for different groups of parishioners.  These groups meet throughout the week and discuss different topics and reflections based on the coming week’s readings.

Reflection Questions for the Week:

Gospel Reading

Matthew 18:21-35
Jesus teaches that we must forgive one another as God has forgiven us.

Today’s Gospel reminds us that forgiveness is measured by its quality more than its quantity.

Consider some recent times when family members sought the forgiveness of one another. Were any statements made that put conditions on our forgiveness? Do we sometimes “keep count” or put conditions on our forgiveness of one another? This is something we may be doing without realizing it.

Read together today’s Gospel, Matthew 18:21-35. Ask if we sometimes find ourselves sounding like Peter, concerning ourselves with the quantity of forgiveness rather than offering forgiveness abundantly and unconditionally. Reflect upon the parable that Jesus tells. What does the servant do that makes the king so angry? He refuses to forgive his fellow servant the debt that he owes. Because we have all received God’s forgiveness, God expects that we will also be forgiving toward others. Jesus’ answer to Peter’s question is found at the end of the parable. The number of times that we forgive one another is less important than the depth of our forgiveness. We must forgive one another from the heart. What are some obstacles that can make this difficult? How can we overcome them?

Conclude in prayer together that God’s love and forgiveness is evident in your family life. Pray together today’s psalm, Psalm 103, or the Lord’s Prayer.


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